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10 Top Coworking Spaces in Lisbon [April 2022]

When visiting Portugal, Lisbon is a destination that can't be left off the itinerary. With picturesque mountains that give way to coastal plains and quaint villages, Lisbon blends modernity with its rich culture and heritage.

When visiting Portugal, Lisbon is a destination that can't be left off the itinerary. With picturesque mountains that give way to coastal plains and quaint villages, Lisbon blends modernity with its rich culture and heritage to create an exceptionally vibrant city that attracts people from around the world.

If you're planning a trip to Lisbon, here are ten of the city’s best coworking spaces for traveling entrepreneurs and remote workers.

1. Second Home Lisboa

Located above the famous Mercado Da Ribeira, Second Home Lisboa is a lively coworking space teeming with inspiration. Every room you walk through is full of color, positive energy, and lush greenery.

There are three membership options: Resident, Studio, and Roaming. The Resident option is ideal for individuals who need a dedicated desk of their own, whereas the Studio option is best for teams and individuals who want maximum privacy.

The Roaming membership grants you hot desk access across the shared workspace and is the most economical option.

With professionals from virtually every industry under the same roof — from arts and education to marketing and IT — there are countless opportunities for networking and collaborating at Second Home Lisboa.

2. Rocket HUB

Located along the Tagus River rests one of Lisbon's best-kept secrets among digital nomads: Rocket HUB. The refreshingly modern space is the perfect setting for entrepreneurs and freelancers to set up shop.

When you become a member at Rocket HUB, you get access to the lockers, shared kitchen, lounge areas, meeting rooms, phone booths, and full 24/7 access to the coworking space. You also get to attend exclusive networking events that Rocket HUB hosts.

Its daily passes start at just 25 Euros, and with flexible membership plans available, as your business grows, your membership can grow with it.

3. LACS Conde d’Óbidos

LACS Conde d’Óbidos is bursting with artistic flair and opportunity. Calming artwork and color schemes are utilized throughout the space to create a relaxed atmosphere where thoughts are free to flow.

The rustic industrial lobby that welcomes you to the space gives way to fully-furnished, modern workspaces that can adapt to your needs. Whether you need a private desk or a large training room, their facility has what you need.

Monthly coworking memberships start at just 120 Euros and can be scaled to suit your needs.

4. Avila Spaces

For a refreshingly modern workspace, full of color and unique areas, look no further than Avila Spaces. All of their workspaces, whether shared or private, are carefully designed to boost creativity and productivity while prioritizing comfort and style.

One thing you can't find anywhere else is their Avila Connect kiosk. At the kiosk, a digital screen displays the profiles of everybody in the Avila coworking community, so you can reach out to other businesses and professionals to collaborate and create new business opportunities.

5. Impact Hub

Since 2016, Impact Hub Lisbon has grown from humble beginnings to be one of the city’s top coworking spaces. Its eclectic workspaces blend many different aesthetics to create a unique space with a funky, creative atmosphere.

Impact Hub features several different types of workstations, so you can cozy up on a couch with your laptop or spread out at a table with plenty of room to work. And with four affordable membership options to choose from, you're sure to find a plan that works for you.

6. Idea Spaces - Parque das Nações

Situated in one of Lisbon's most affluent areas, Parque das Nações, Idea Spaces provides freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups of all sizes with the professional support they require. And thanks to its location, you can take in scenic river views while you work.

Idea Spaces has two other locations in Lisbon, including one in a literal palace. Membership to one location grants you access to all three, so you can work where you want and quickly get to work no matter what part of Lisbon you find yourself in.


At NOW_BEATO, their No Office Work philosophy permeates every inch of the building. The area feels more like a gathering place or lounge than an office, but for many people, this makes it easier to relax, find inspiration, and focus on a task.

The three-story warehouse building has an open-concept, exposed interior that allows creativity to flow free, with no barriers to inhibit productivity and collaboration.

8. WorkHub

The coworking space at WorkHub provides young remote workers and fledgling startups with the professional office solutions their businesses need. All of its workspaces come fully furnished with spacious desks and ergonomic seating options.

Its all-inclusive pricing includes high-speed internet access, timely cleaning services, security, and mail services, starting at just 120 Euros per month. WorkHub also has private offices that can fit up to 24 people, so it’s ideal for small to medium teams that want more privacy than the coworking space can give them.

9. Todos

At Todos Creative Hub, you'll find a wide variety of distinct workspaces for professionals in virtually every discipline. Its large warehouse facility has allowed it to diversify its services and provide unique opportunities for professionals on the move.

With dedicated film and photo areas, a testing zone, makeup and fitting room, and even a 4k video editing and post-production suite, Todos is a modern content creator's dream come true.

Although Todos caters heavily to individuals in the arts, anybody can make good use of its two-story coworking area and its spacious event space.


Located in one of Lisbon's trendiest areas, Resvés provides young entrepreneurs with the fastest internet in town and 24/7 access to a comfortable and professional workspace. It is conveniently located within walking distance from the Rato and several bus routes.

Stretched across two floors, it offers spacious coworking areas, a lounge, private hubs, and meeting rooms. For access to just its lounge and coworking space, daily passes start at only 12 Euros, and monthly passes start at 130 Euros.

As you travel, stay informed on the best coworking spaces near you and how to survive as a digital nomad wherever you land by subscribing to our newsletter.

Curtis Duggan
Curtis Duggan
Founder of Curtis co-founded a digital health company in 2016 and sold it to Virgin Pulse in 2020.
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