Mar 19, 2022 4 min read

10 Top Coworking Spaces in Mauritius 2023

Although there is lots of fun to be had, since Mauritius is not a bustling business hub, it's not overflowing with coworking spaces. But don't worry, there are still several options to choose from. Below is a complete list of the best coworking spaces in Mauritius.

Find a place to work in this Indian Ocean paradise off the coast of Madagascar.

Ever wanted to escape far away to an island in the middle of the ocean? Off the coast of South Africa lies Mauritius, a breathtaking island nation with endless peaks and valleys to explore. In Mauritius, you can feel your stress melt away while you stretch out on the island’s stunning beaches.

Although there is lots of fun to be had, since Mauritius is not a bustling business hub, it's not overflowing with coworking spaces. But don't worry, there are still several options to choose from. Below is a complete list of the best coworking spaces in Mauritius. Mauritius has a remote work Premium Visa for those who want to stick around for a while and enjoy the sun...

Coworking Port-Louis

Nestled in the downtown area of Mauritius's capital, Port-Louis, Coworking Port-Louis blends history with modernity to create a unique coworking space across two renovated colonial houses. This open coworking space is ideal for individuals, but there is also room for teams of up to six people in the private offices.

With simple, all-inclusive monthly contracts, getting set up in a fully equipped, ready-to-use office space is simple. The space even offers a bike-sharing program so you can make quick runs around the city throughout the day.

Regus — Medine Mews

At Regus Medine Mews, digital nomads can find a comfortable, quiet, and inspiring workplace in Port-Louis's business district. Although this coworking space is not huge, the atmosphere is very laid-back, and floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping views of Port-Louis.

Regus also has two meeting rooms available to rent by the hour and 37 private offices for monthly contracts. Their monthly coworking plans start at just 7,640 MUR, or about $170.

Regus — Ebene Heights

Located a short stroll from several shops and cafés, Regus Ebene Heights provides remote workers and entrepreneurs with the same level of professional support and inspiration as their sister location, Medine Mews. However, this location has a much larger coworking space, with twelve shared desks to utilize.

Ebene Heights also features 24/7 video surveillance for enhanced security, break-out areas for easy collaboration, and on-site food and beverage options. Monthly memberships are slightly more expensive here, starting at 8,490 MUR, or about $190, but the additional amenities make it worthwhile.

The Hive

At The Hive, you get more than an affordable workplace; you become a part of a community of entrepreneurs and innovators with endless networking potential. Their coworking space and meeting rooms come fully stocked with the office equipment and supplies you need.

Best of all, membership grants you access to all four of their locations throughout the island. If you only need an office space for a few days or want to try it out before you commit, you can get to know the area by purchasing a day pass for less than $7. The Hive has locations at St Pierre, Pierrefonds, Beau Plan, and Curepipe.

Turbine Business Incubator and Coworking

Conveniently located in Moka's trendy Vivéa Business Park, Turbine Business Incubator and Coworking strives to help small businesses and startups get off the ground. However, they have also recently added a coworking area to give digital nomads and budding entrepreneurs a common area to brainstorm, work, and collaborate.

They are extremely committed to helping new businesses and offer several programs to help bridge the gap between you and your professional goals. Additionally, startup costs are much lower when you don't have to sign a lease and pay for a permanent office space.

The Business Exchange Mauritius

The Business Exchange Mauritius has a simple yet sophisticated feel to it that most spaces just can't match. Whether you're looking for a shared workspace or a private office to call your own, you can find it at The Business Exchange.

Many digital nomads in Mauritius are drawn to The Business Exchange for their full-service care, friendly staff, comfortable and clean workspaces, and on-site gym. And with 24/7 access and biometric security measures, you can work whenever duty calls.

Fast Hub

For a comfortable, modern, and affordable workplace, remote workers turn to Fast Hub. Unlike other spaces on the island, Fast Hub focuses on affordable private offices rather than a shared coworking space. They have a coworking area, but the real stars are the 46 fully equipped private offices of varying sizes that make it easy to work alone or as a team.

And with terrace lounge seating flanked by palm trees, you can truly relax while on break or decompress with friends after a long day.

Oficea Coworking

At Oficea Coworking, like-minded people can meet, connect, and collaborate in this carefully designed coworking space.

The large, open space has room for over 100 people spread across multiple floors and various workspaces. Whether you need to have a team brainstorming session or a small table for yourself, you can find it at Oficea Coworking.

With flexible membership plans and day passes, you can pick the right plan for your budget and work schedule.

Le Workshop

Le Workshop is a unique coworking space for artists and other creative minds located at the heart of Creative Park, Beau Plan. Despite the small size, the funky design can't help but spur creativity and inspiration — you are always just a few steps away from fresh air and lush green grass.

They do not have monthly membership plans; you just stop by for the day and work as you need. In addition to the coworking space, this quaint building is home to a café and a shop with authentic handmade items from local artists.

Bright Centre

The BRIGHT in Bright Centre stands for 'Belt Road Initiative Global Hub of Technovation. This facility provides coworking space and conference rooms, admin support, and opportunities for local networking in Soreze. It is aimed at entrepreneurs and SMEs and has roots in the fintech, banking, and financial sectors.

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